Carpet Cleaning Letchworth

Being the most popular flooring options, carpets are commonly found in all homes, creating a warm, cosy environment. They enhance the space’s aesthetics and give a composed look to your home.

However, carpet care and regular cleaning are necessary to eliminate the accumulated allergens, dirt, hair, pet dander, etc., and help prevent breathing problems for people with affected respiratory systems. Thorough cleaning of carpets, therefore, requires experts to provide a healthy and safe environment for your family.

Arle Cleaning Service is a family-owned company led by the third generation. We have been providing the services of carpet cleaning in Letchworth since 2010, providing efficient cleaning solutions at market-competitive rates.

Carpets We Clean

Broadly, there are two major types of carpets made from different materials such
Manufactured/Artificial Fibre Carpets:  These are mostly made of nylon,
polyester, etc., offering more outstanding durability.

Natural Carpets:  These are more aesthetic, mostly made of wool, but relatively
expensive than synthetic carpets. They are more comfortable to walk on.

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    Benefits of Our Services

    Our services range from domestic to commercial properties and include complete carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, and carpet treatment.

    • Our specialists can help remove dark stains from light-coloured woollen carpets.
    • We prevent carpet stains from worsening, using a cleansing agent.
    • We remove the coffee, oil, and tea stains, restoring your carpet’s aesthetic value.
    • We specialise in removing different types of stains without damaging the carpets.
    • Our regular and specialist cleaning services can enhance your beautiful carpet’s life with reduced wear and tear.
    • We ensure to remove all the contaminants that cause your carpet’s deterioration.
    • We add a fresh feeling to your home with clean and aesthetic carpets.
    • We have fully automatic machines for carpet washing, ensuring high-quality results.
    • We use harmless cleaning agents that are kind to your carpets, removing most stains.
    • We utilise mild and eco-friendly carpet cleaning supplies that do not negatively impact your carpets or the environment.
    • We provide affordable services, cleaning your carpets quickly and saving you from many troubles.
    Carpet Cleaning Enfield

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    If you have any question feel feer to contact us.

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    We possess cutting-edge cleaning equipment and cover almost all areas of the UK with the help of our professionals. Our carpet cleaners in Letchworth are available 24/7, providing friendly services. We pride on our exceptional principles, including:

    • 24/7 availability
    • Commitment to excellence
    • Consistency
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Emergency cleaning services
    • Latest technology
    • Superior quality equipment
    • Trained technicians

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    For super cleaning of the carpets, we use fully automatic cleaning machines. We also perform dry vacuuming to remove all the dust particles from carpets. Then, a harmless cleansing agent is applied, after which the carpet is washed and allowed to dry.

    You can hire our emergency carpet cleaning costs if you have accidentally dropped something on your carpet just before the arrival of guests. Our professionals will immediately come to your property, providing the needed services. We use automatic carpet cleaning machines to clean carpets in less time so you do not feel stressed.

    Typically, the carpet cleaning cost depends on your carpet’s size. However, on average, this cost varies between £60 and £120 per hour.

    The drying time of the carpet depends on carpet airflow, humidity, and room temperature. Mostly, the carpets get fully dry in 2 to 3 hours because of modern technology and potent cleaning machines.