Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Luton

Carpets are the beauty of the lounge and drawing rooms. Buying large-sized carpets matching your house’s colour scheme requires your investment and energy. You surely would not let it go in vain just because the carpet was not given due care. The care includes not only cleaning but also being pampered by professionals. Do not worry about where to find the right people, for Carpet Cleaning Luton service is being given by Are Cleaning Service within the range of your budget. Here is the complete procedure for our carpet cleaning services.

Our 11-Step Procedure for Successful Carpet Cleaning Service in Luton

We at Arle Cleaning Service ensure that the carpets and rugs are cleaned completely and that no single stain or speck of dust is left. This can be achieved with an efficient and in-depth cleaning method. Therefore, we have 12 steps to get your carpets cleaned fully, which are as follows,

  • Inspection and Evaluation

Our foremost step is to send an inspection team to your place to evaluate the carpet’s condition. The evaluation includes potentially permanent stains and the expected results after getting our quality cleaning service. 

  • Vacuum the Dry Soil

The dry soil, dirt or dust is removed with the help f a commercially powered vacuum. It is one of the most important steps because if this soil or dust is wet, it will stick to the carpet and removing it is difficult.

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    • Pre-spraying the Soil Areas

    For thorough cleaning, the soil areas are pre-sprayed with the help of a pre-conditioning agent, which helps break the blocks of accumulated soil to give good results.

    • Treatment of Pre-spots

    Difficult spots that have stuck to your carpet are pre-treated with special removal solutions to prevent them from permanently displaying themselves.

    • Agitation for Further Treatment to Soil

    To ensure that the soil or stains are permanently removed, we do some pre-grooming with the rotatory brush to loosen up the soil.

    • Time to Extract and Rinse the Soil

    With the help of a powerful extraction cleaning system, the carpet is thoroughly rinsed, and this is done without wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind.

    • pH is Neutralized

    When the wash is completed, the pH of the carpet is balanced. This is important so that there is no sticky residue left behind and the rug is soft and fresh to the touch and feel.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Luton

    Need Assistance?

    If you have any question feel feer to contact us.

    • Extra Treatment for Spots

    The spots left are given different treatments with our speciality spotting solutions. We care for your belongings and offer you a carpet protector applied for the safety and long life of the carpet.

    • Post-Grooming Process

    The post-grooming process is also done by a professional so that the pile of your carpet stands tall to dry quickly and gives a shiny look.

    • Speedily Dry the Carpet

    Our Professional carpet cleaning Luton is very efficient because we have strategized the prolonging process so that they are done quickly. High-level movers are placed on the carpet to speedily dry your carpet immediately after cleaning.

    • Your Satisfactory Thumbs Up

    After cleaning and drying, our team walks through your home to ensure you are satisfied with our team’s service. With full confidence, we claim that you will be happy with our service, yet we end the process when you give us thumbs up for the job done.

    Three Broad Categories to Define the Carpet Cleaning Luton Package Best for You!

    Arle Cleaning Service as Professional Carpet Cleaners in Luton provides three broad categories of cleaning packages. This will help you get the specific cleaning procedure for your carpet. The three packages include:

    • Basic Package: All About Cleaning Level
    • Stain-Fighter Package: Cleaning Along with Protection Level
    • Premium Package: The Cleaning, Protecting And Deodorant Level

    We Go An Extra Mile!

    Because you are our valuable client, we go the extra mile by providing additional services with carpet cleaning. Here are they:

    • The Upholstery Cleaning
    • Stain Removal Service
    • Pet Urine Wash and Odor Removal Service
    Professional Carpet Cleaning Luton
    Professional Carpet Cleaning Luton

    Why We Are the Preferred Choice?

    We have vast experience in Carpet Cleaning in Luton and know exactly what your carpet requires. Over time we have become the most competent in the market and are always there to serve you. Here are some features; we encourage you to sift through to know more about our competency.

    Clear Explanation of the Cleaning Process

    The rug cleaning procedure in Luton is clearly defined and explained to you before the procedure begins. We know the cleaning magic we have, but we want you to understand the tricks and tips of this cleaning completely.

    Professional Attire and Attitude

    We claim to provide Professional Carpet Cleaning in Luton; therefore, our team has professional attire and attitude. Our team is cooperative and provides you with any information before, during or after the cleaning process.

    Marked Vehicles

    Our transport is available for you, and we take all the hustle in shifting and transporting your carpets. We not only render services on a small scale but also at a large scale in domestic and commercial areas.

    Flexible Rates Just for You!

    Although carpet cleaning cost in Luton depends on various factors, prioritizing your ease, we offer you flexible rates and finalize them once we discuss the terms and conditions.

    We Have Mentioned Client Reviews

    The reviews of our clients who have experienced our service are mentioned on our page. Hurry up, experience our service and see your review there too!

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