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    It is important to take care of the dust once the construction project is completed to fully cherish the renovation results. You need to clean every nook and cranny of your home to remove all the dust, debris, and other waste materials before sitting back and enjoying the renewed space. This cleaning of dust is also crucial so that it does not end up in the ventilation system, resulting in air vent clogging.

    This guide provides you with information on how to clean different components of your home after renovation, including air filters and ventilation systems, carpets and soft furniture items, furnishings and hard surfaces, walls, and other components.

    Cleaning Different Components of Your Home

    You can follow these simple procedures for cleaning all the dust and debris from different components of your home after the completion of the renovation project:

    Air Filters & Ventilation System

    To improve indoor air quality and remove the accumulated dust from your home, it is important to clean the air conditioner filters and ventilation system completely. To clean the air filters and ventilation system efficiently, you should undertake these steps:

    • Change the filters in the renovated space to reduce the amount of dust flowing through the air ducts and prevent it from spreading throughout the house.
    • Remove all grids with which vents are covered.
    • Clean all the grids with a mixture of soap in water.
    • Put them back at their original location once they get dry.
    • Replace all air filters with new ones.
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    Carpets & Soft Furniture Items

    No matter how much effort you make to cover floors and furniture to protect them from dirt and dust, small particles find their way in. Those microparticles get entrapped in the fabric of carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture. Therefore, it is crucial to clean all such items thoroughly so the dust does not settle, saving your valuable possessions from potential damage and wear and tear.

    You should follow these steps for thorough cleaning of carpets and soft furniture items:

    • Vacuum the carpet and soft furniture thoroughly by running it over all of them.
    • Use different attachments with the vacuum cleaner to access hard-to-reach areas, including crevices and folds in the fabric.
    • Take the removable cushions outside and beat the dust off from them.
    • Vacuum the mattresses and underlying frames of beds and other furniture items.
    • Repeat the whole process once all house surfaces are cleaned, ensuring no dust is left.

    Furnishings & Hard Surfaces

    Dust particles can easily get trapped in the intricate patterns on walls and carved wooden surfaces. Therefore, you should pay special attention to cleaning them. Follow these simple steps to make furnishings and hard surfaces free of dust:

    • Wipe all hard surfaces from top to bottom.
    • Vacuum the shelves present inside the cabinets.
    • Wipe bookshelves, countertops, door frames, flat surfaces, and hard furnishings.
    • Clean the door knobs, handles, window frames, and window sills thoroughly.
    • Mop and polish all hard floors and tiles to make them clean and tidy.


    Cleaning the dust and dirt particles from walls is significant as it helps to protect the freshly painted surfaces. You can clean the walls of your home after renovation by following these steps:

    • Remove the dust from ceilings and walls.
    • Use a dry dusting technique to remove dust particles so that plastering and decorative work do not get damaged.
    • Use a damp microfiber cloth only in areas where waterproof paint has been used on the walls if required.
    • Vacuum all decorative features, such as apertures, moulding, pediment, etc., to remove the hidden dust.
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    Other Components

    Dust gets collected on every small item located on your property during the renovation, and it is important to clean every accessory and furniture once the construction is completed. For this purpose, you should not overlook these items and ensure to clean them thoroughly to get rid of all the dust and debris:

    • Vases
    • Routers
    • Laptops
    • Mirrors
    • Television
    • Hat Stands
    • Coat Hooks
    • Chandeliers
    • Fridge Coils
    • Lamp Shades
    • Light Fixtures
    • Curtain Rails
    • Picture Frames
    • Magazine Holders
    • Ceiling Fan Blades
    • Extractor Hood Filters

    Concluding Remarks

    Invisible dust particles are present in your surroundings and can accumulate on different surfaces of your home. It is important to clean your property thoroughly after the completion of a renovation project to get rid of these invisible particles. Thorough cleaning is necessary because if you inhale those particles, they can cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems.

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