How to Keep Your Sofa Clean?

    How to Keep Your Sofa Clean

    It goes without saying that the sofa is one of the most used furniture pieces in the home. A clean, well-maintained sofa is not just a functional piece of furniture but can actually make your space look magnetic. It holds the power to either make or break the entire aesthetics of your space!

    No matter how expensive or high-quality a sofa you purchase, over the test of time, it may lose its shine and strength. That’s why it is important to ensure regular cleaning and maintenance of your sofa to increase its longevity and its appearance.

    Here in this blog, we have explained a comprehensive guide on how you can keep your sofa clean.

    Keep The Fabric Protected

    Keeping the upholstery of the sofa clean is the actual key to keeping your sofa clean and increasing its longevity and beauty. You can do it by:

    • Add removable sheets and additional covers to keep the upholstery clean.
    • Cover the arms of the sofa in the case of high-traffic areas. It also helps to enhance the overall beauty.
    • Consider using fabric protection spray as per the fabric’s specifications.

    Protection From Sun

    Check the placement of your sofa. Avoid placing it in the sunlight for a longer period. It can cause the sofa to fade. However, you should place the sofa in sunlight periodically for a few hours, as the natural sunlight acts as a disinfectant, removes any smell of moisture or dust, and helps to freshen up the fabric.   

    Regular Cleaning

    Regularly vacuuming and cleaning your sofa is extremely important to ensure it is free of dust and debris. Here are a few cleaning tips you must keep in mind:

    • Vacuum the sofa at least once a week using a smooth brush attachment to gently clear all the debris and dust off the sofa.
    • Try to clean the stains as soon as you get them on the sofa. Use warm water, a fine piece of cloth, and a mild cleaner or detergent to clean any stains. In the case of tougher stains that are hard to remove with detergents, try using a solution of water and vinegar.
    • Always consider the cleaning and care guidelines that come with the sofa at the time of purchase.
    • Choose the products as per their compatibility with the upholstery.
    • Before using any cleaning solution or detergent always try it on a small portion of the sofa to check if it’s a right choice or not.
    • Try using a steam cleaner to achieve a cleaner finish.
    keep Your Sofa Clean

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    Regular Rotation

    Due to regularly using one side of seats, they get dirty and uneven and may give a messy look. Sometimes, it may also cause discolouration in certain seats. To avoid the situation and to make your sofa look cleaner quickly, consider rotating the seats once a week. It will help you make them look fluffy, even, uniform, and cleaner, of course!

    Remove The Pet Hair

    If you have a pet at your place, then cleaning a sofa is tougher. The hair of pets sticks on the sofa, which makes it look messy and dirty. Furthermore, if your pet spends too much time on the sofa, chances are it might start to smell. In this case, ensure:

    • Cover the sofa with removable sheets to keep them cleaner.
    • Use simple pieces of equipment that are designed to take off the pet hair easily, like lint. Consider using them regularly.
    • Use hot water to wash the sofa.

    Maintain The Cushions

    Sometimes, due to the continuous use of cushions and seats, they may get pressed and flat. Consider fluffing the cushions. Regularly fluffing your cushions ensures to keep them in shape, restore the original shape, and avoid unevenness.

    Moreover, you can cover your cushions with removable covers to keep them protected for a longer period. You can also wash the covers once a week to keep them clean and wash off any dirt or stains.

    Professional Cleaning

    No matter how much regular cleaning you do, you can’t match the level of finish and cleanliness achieved by professional cleaning and care. To attain the maximum level of cleanliness and maintenance, consider seeking professional services like deep sofa cleaning.

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