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    What are Cleaning Services?

    Cleaning services are professional services offered by different companies for different services. From laundry to house cleaning and office cleaning, these services can be availed for almost every situation. These services house teams of trained professionals and have access to premium quality cleaning materials to provide a thorough service to their customers.

    In this blog post, we have provided a comprehensive list of different cleaning services that are offered by cleaning companies for different scenarios and settings.

    24 Different Types of Cleaning Services

    1.    Residential Cleaning

    These cleaning services are provided for homes and apartments. This includes regular housekeeping tasks like dusting, vacuuming, mopping, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and overall tidying.

    House cleaning services typically include areas like lounges, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

    2.    Commercial Cleaning

    These cleaning services are offered for businesses, offices, and commercial spaces. This may include cleaning offices, conference rooms, common areas, cubicles, restrooms, and other spaces in commercial buildings.

    Commercial cleaning services include dusting, mopping, polishing and sanitising. They may also provide waste removal services.

    3.    Janitorial Services

    General cleaning and maintenance services for buildings, including hospitals, schools, offices, and other private or public facilities. Janitors typically handle tasks like sweeping, mopping, maintaining cleanliness in common areas and emptying trash bins.

    4.    Carpet Cleaning

    These are specialised services that involve deep cleaning and removal of stains from carpets and rugs. This can be done using various techniques like dry cleaning, steam cleaning or hot water extraction. They may also provide carpet repairs and odour removal services.

    5.    Window Cleaning

    These Cleaning services focus on cleaning windows and glass surfaces in both residential and commercial properties. This often includes the removal of streaks and smudges for a clear, sparkling finish.

    Window cleaning services can also provide screen repairs and pressure washing if necessary.

    6.    Deep Cleaning

    These are thorough and intensive cleaning services that involve cleaning hard-to-reach areas and overlooked surfaces. A deep cleaning may include tasks such as cleaning behind appliances, scrubbing grout, polishing wood and ceiling fan blades, vacuuming upholstery and sanitising high-touch areas.

    7.    Sanitisation Services

    Sanitisation services, especially after the pandemic, have been in high demand. They sanitise your commercial and residential buildings to ensure a cleaner and safer environment for residents and workers.

    8.    Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

    This service is generally a part of the house cleaning services. However, it can also be availed as a separate service for residential and commercial settings. They remove oil, dirt and any other stains to restore the look of your walls and ceiling.

    9.    Blind Cleaning

    Blinds at homes or in offices can attract dust and allergens and require periodic cleaning. However, they require special care and equipment due to their sensitive materials. Curtain cleaning services will take down your blinds, clean them and rehang them after they are dried.

    10.    Upholstery Cleaning

    This particular cleaning service involves cleaning the fabric on sofas, chairs and other furniture. They have specialised cleaning techniques and products that protect the fabric integrity as well as clean it well.

    11.    Disaster Cleaning and Restoration

    Disaster cleaning and restoration is technically not a specialised cleaning service. This service can be offered by any type of cleaning service depending upon the type of restoration required for the place.

    12.    Medical Cleaning

    These are specialised cleaning services offered to hospitals and clinics. These services require special equipment and supplies to meet the high standards of medical fields and comply with the regulations set for health and safety.

    13.    Sports Cleaning

    These are the cleaning services offered to gyms and other sports facilities. This generally offers to sanitise and clean the place and equipment thoroughly to eradicate any bacteria and germs and clean floors and other surfaces.

    14.    Move-in/Move-out Cleaning

    Cleaning services tailored for tenants moving in or out of a property. It involves a comprehensive cleaning of the entire space to prepare it for new occupants or restore it to its original condition after a tenant moves out.

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    15.    Post-Construction Cleaning

    Cleaning services are provided after a construction or renovation project. This involves removing debris, dust, and leftover materials and making the space ready for occupation.

    16.    Laundry Services

    Laundry services provide clothes washing services to their customers. They will also dry, fold and press your clothes if you require them.

    17.    Green Cleaning

    These are eco-friendly cleaning services that use environmentally friendly products and practices to ensure minimum environmental impact.

    18.    Air Duct Cleaning

    Cleaning the HVAC system’s ductwork to remove dust, debris, and contaminants, improving indoor air quality.

    19.    Pressure Washing

    Cleaning surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, decks, and exteriors using a high-pressure jet of water to remove grime, dirt, and stains.

    20.    Hoarding Cleanup

    Specialised services for cleaning and organising properties affected by hoarding, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment.

    21.    Restroom Cleaning

    Restroom cleaning is probably the highest in-demand cleaning service for commercial buildings such as schools, offices, stadiums and other public places.

    22.    School Cleaning

    These cleaning services offer cleaning for public and private schools. This includes mopping and cleaning floors, bathrooms, classrooms, desks and tables, etc.

    23.    Chimney Sweeping

    These services include inspections and cleaning of the fireplace, chimney repairs and cleaning to prevent any soot build-up in it.

    24.    Specialised Cleaning

    These services are tailored to specific needs, such as cleaning industrial facilities, medical offices, data centres, etc.

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