Different Types of Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

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    Cleaning Services
    Cleaning Services

    Office Cleaning

    A workplace plays a crucial part in the production of output and development of skills of the employees. A place where a large number of employees collaborate on projects, laugh in breaks and burn the midnight oil at their desks. Because of the extreme hustle and bustle of a busy workday, regular office cleaning is required. Commercial office cleaning involves cleaning work place entirely, from restrooms to washrooms, and all other stuff is properly cleaned. Regular cleaning of the office is crucial to provide a safe, secure and productive environment for the employees. Many companies use quality cleaning equipment and supplies to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. If you hire professional cleaners, they invest a lot in cleaning every nook and corner of your office by vacuuming the carpets, wiping down the desks and cupboards and mopping the floor.

    HVAC Duct Cleaning

    Duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components such as supply and returns air ducts, diffusers, grills, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, fan motors and air handlers. As with the passage of time, dirt eventually accumulates, causing the rooms to become smelly over time. Through professional cleaning, everyone in your building will be able to breathe easier, knowing that all the dust and debris are removed from the ducts. With health problems gaining rise all around the world, improved air quality is critical to the health of your employees.

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      Carpet Cleaning

      Carpets are a beautiful asset of a home that adds an elegant touch to the décor of the overall office. Increase the life of your carpet by removing the stains, dirt and allergens from the surface of the carpet. To create a safer and dust-free setting for your business, it is crucial to have a stain-free carpet. The various carpet cleaning methods offered by different companies are

      Steaming: In this type of cleaning, heated water is used with detergent for thorough cleaning. The mixture is poured down on the carpet using the machines.

      Dry cleaning: This method usually uses specialised low moisture machines for the cleaning process.

      Vacuuming: The wash head is used to spray water on the carpet without using detergents.

      Cleaning Services

      Window Cleaning

      The exterior and interior of the property tell a lot about your business. The exterior cleaning of all the decorative glass gives a pleasant and good appearance to your business. The cleaning method entirely depends upon your budget and preferences.   It can be done manually using various cleaning tools, detergents and chemicals.   Using the latest technology, a power wash is also a suitable solution to make your windows look shiny and decorative. This also saves your time and has minimal effect on the functionality of your business. The essentials for commercial window cleaning are:

      Microfiber cloth – Used for detailed cleaning, particularly to remove small markings.

      Steel wool– To remove sticky and stubborn stains

      Scrapers– To remove extremely obstinate markings.

      Buckets– For cleaning and efficient mixing of detergent.

      Applicator – A tool to dip in water and apply the detergent mixture to the glass.

      Ladder – Used to reach windows of the upper storey and high levels.

      When you hire professional cleaning services, they will have the necessary tool kit to perform quality window cleaning.

      Clinical Cleaning

      As the name already suggests that these services are provided to healthcare and other institutions affiliated with this sector. This generally requires detailed cleaning within the premises of the hospital or other institutions. A clinical cleaning service is an essential need for clinics and hospitals with an extremely high risk of infection and the spread of contagious diseases. This type of cleaning requires a high level of sanitation that will reduce the risk of more health problems. Professional clinical cleaning is carried out with international healthcare standards to provide quality cleaning solutions.

      Cleaning Services
      Cleaning Services

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      Green Cleaning

      Green cleaning refers to usage of natural green cleaners to keep the environment healthy and free from toxins and chemicals. Exposure to dangerous chemicals and other toxins causes harm to the environment and the person living in residential and commercial settings. Green cleaning products are usually chemicals that have no phosphates, chlorine, artificial colours, or artificial fragrances. The entire process of green cleaning focuses more on providing cleaning services using eco-friendly chemicals that are useful for the environment, planet and general public. If any of your children or employees in the office are allergic to some chemicals, green cleaning is a suitable method, as green goods are devoid of synthetic fragrances.

      Standard House Cleaning

      Home cleaning, also known as domestic cleaning, includes basic cleaning, such as floors being cleaned and mopped as per the client’s requirement. The basic cleaning services include cleaning bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, and bathrooms. When customers spend their money on domestic cleaning, they want to free up more time for their families.

      Deep House Cleaning

      Deep cleaning goes above and beyond standard house cleaning. It removes all the filth, grime, dirt, soap scum and other muck up from the deepest surfaces and corners of the home. It includes more cleaning areas such as cleaning electronic devices, bathtubs and so on.   This heavy-duty and detailed cleaning process requires more time and is generally more expensive than day-to-day cleaning services. It not only includes picking up trash and mopping the floor; it usually includes sanitising the entire location. Deep cleaning guarantees that most of the germs and dirt particles in your home are immaculate.

      Cleaning Services

      Laundry and Dry cleaning

      Laundry and dry cleaning services are both stain-removing services. Laundry usually cleans towels, linens and other clothing items using soaps and detergent to clean all the clothes. Dry cleaning is a process that does not require water but uses high-end chemicals to remove stubborn stains and grease. For clothes made up of wool and silky clothes, dry cleaning is preferred . Sometimes basic detergents do not work out to remove stubborn stains, so dry cleaning is a convenient and good option.

      Ceiling And Wall Cleaning

      Although ceiling and wall cleaning are included in the deep house and office cleaning services, this service is specially designed for those who want to eliminate dirt, oil, and grease accumulated on ceilings and walls. The cleaning of spider webs and other dirt particles from the walls help to promote cleanliness, better lighting and is also beneficial from a health point of view.

      Cleaning Services
      Cleaning Services
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